PMOLED stands for Passive-Matrix OLED, which relates to the way you control (or drive) the display. A PMOLED display uses a simple control scheme in which you control each row (or line) in the display sequentially (one at a time). PMOLED electronics do not contain a storage capacitor and so the pixels in each line are actually off most of the time. To compensate for this you need to use more voltage to make them brighter. If you have 10 lines, for example, you have to make the one line that is on 10 times as bright (the real number is less then 10, but that's the general idea).

PMOLED displays have several advantages over other types of OLED displays. One of the main advantages is that they are typically thinner and lighter than other OLED displays, making them well-suited for use in portable devices. PMOLED displays also have low power consumption, which can help extend the battery life of devices that use them. Additionally, PMOLED displays have a wide viewing angle and can produce deep blacks, giving them excellent contrast. This can make the images on the screen appear more vibrant and lifelike.

PMOLED displays are commonly used in a wide range of portable electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and portable media players. They are also sometimes used in larger devices such as TVs and monitors. PMOLED displays are well-suited for use in portable devices due to their thin and light design, low power consumption, and excellent contrast and viewing angles. They are also often used in applications where the display will be viewed at close distances, such as in virtual reality headsets or head-up displays in cars.
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