Reaper 4.3" Ultra-Bright 1000 Nits IPS LCD Display - Versatile Touch Panel Option

Item No.: RP430BS4024
Discover the cutting-edge Reaper 4.3-inch IPS LCD Display, boasting an impressive 1000 nits brightness for unparalleled clarity. Versatile and efficient, this TFT transmissive screen offers optional touch panel technology, making it a perfect choice for a
 Reaper 4.3" Ultra-Bright 1000 Nits IPS LCD Display - Versatile Touch Panel Option
Model: RP430BS4024
Panel Size 4.3 inch
Module Size 105.5(W)*67.2(H)*3.0(T) mm
Display Area 95.04*53.856 mm
Number of Dots 480×(RGB)×272 Dots
Best Viewing Direction full view
Driver IC SC7283
Display Type 262K
LED Numbers 16 White leds
brightness 1000nits
Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +70ºC
Storage Temperature: -30 ~ +80ºC
The Reaper 4.3" High Brightness IPS LCD Display (Model: RP430BS4024) is a state-of-the-art visual solution, offering a vibrant display with 480×(RGB)×272 resolution. Its 1000 nits brightness ensures excellent visibility even in bright conditions.
Key Features:
·Size & Quality
A compact 4.3-inch screen with TFT transmissive technology, providing a high-quality display area of 95.04*53.856 mm.
·High Brightness
With 1000 nits brightness, the display is clearly visible even in well-lit environments, making it ideal for outdoor and industrial use.
·Versatile Viewing
Full viewing angle for a consistent and color-accurate experience from any perspective.
·Touch Panel Technology
Optional resistive or projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen, enhancing interactivity and usability.
Operating temperatures range from -20 to +70ºC, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions.
Reaper's advanced technology makes this display suitable for Industrial Equipment, Medical Devices, Home Intelligent Devices, Digital Consumers, Video Game Devices, and Instruments.
Brand Assurance
Reaper International Co., Ltd, with over a decade of expertise, specializes in LCD displays, offering customized solutions that cater to diverse needs.


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