Resistive touch screen

7inch 4wire Standard Resistive Touch panel touch screen

4 wire Resistive touch panel glass can be use for Tablet, Industrial Touch display machine, Ticket vending machine, ATM kiosk, POS machine, Avdertising machine, Laptop and Related Indutrial Computer machine, etc.
7inch 4wire Standard Resistive Touch panel touch screen
Model 4W-7.0A
Resolution 4096x4096
Screen Ratio 16:9
Material Glass + Film
Input method Finger or touch pen
Position accuracy 1.15~2.5mm
Operating voltage DC ≤ 10V
Operating current 5~25mA
Response time Less than 10ms
Touch action force 20~100g
Operating Temperature -10 ~ +60ºC
Storage Temperature -20 ~ +70ºC
Surface hardness 3H
Working environment Under sunlight, indoor and outdoor
Transparency ≥80%
Isolation resistance ≥20MΩ DC 25V
X.Y resistance 100Ω~1000Ω according to the size
Linearity ≤1.5%
The number of hits  ≥1,000,000/point
Support systems  Windows 2000/Windows XP/Win 7/ Win 8/Windows NT/Linux/Mac


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